African Trade Beads

With this collection, Aflé Bijoux puts forward the timeless beauty of African beads. This collection presents 2 types of traditional African beads: the Antique African Trade Beads and the Krobo glass Beads.


The Antique Millefiori Beads

The Collection Origin presents antique African trade beads. Created in the late 19th century in Venice, Italy, these beads were used by the Europeans to trade with the local populations in west Africa predominantly. Their colors, shapes and pattern made them attractive to the Akan people. Indeed, the quantity and the beauty of the beads one wore gave an indication as to how wealthy this person was.

Our antique beads come from west africa.

The Krobo Glass Beads

The Krobo beads are made in the Krobo village, in Ghana. They are made of recycled glass powder. They are the traditional glass beads that the Akan people used to wear.

Each beads is produced individually by hand. Their color, texture and irregular shapes contribute to their particularity and their beauty.