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Aflé Bijoux – Créations Akan is lead by Oukassa, the creative director and founder. Born in Côte d´Ivoire, she has successively lived in Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. She blends her multicultural personality with her strong Akan heritage to create her unique and contemporary pieces.

Specialized in the law of armed conflicts, Oukassa (LL.M., Geneva) officially launched her brand in 2010. She has showcased her collections at major international shows in Côte d´Ivoire, Germany, Mali, Tunisia, France and recently in the USA. She took part to the the JA New York Show (Fall 2018) and proudly joined Flying Solo in december 2018.


The Akan ethnic group


A love for gemstones

Apatite, Chalcedony and Akan goldweights

« Aflé » means « beads » for the Akan people. This ethnic group, now present in the east and center part of Côte d´Ivoire originates from the Ashanti Kingdom from Ghana. A first group of Agnis from the Ashanti Kingdom arrived in the region of Aboisso (Côte d’Ivoire) in 1680 and found the Sanwi Kingdom. In 1701, a second group of Agnis left the Ashanti Kingdom after the battle of Feyiasé and created the Indenié Kingdom along the Comoe river, in the region of Abengourou ( Côte d’Ivoire). The kingdom was rich in gold, and therefore very prosperous.

According to the historians, after the death of King Osei Tutu of Ghana, a struggle for power divided the Akan people. Fearing for her life, the sister of the deceased King, Queen Abla-Pokou, fled the kingdom towards the center part of Côte d´Ivoire where she created the Baoulé group. History says that Queen Abla-Pouko sacrificed her baby boy to save her people. She offered her son to the raging Comoe river allowing her people to cross the river and be in safety.

Celebrating the ancestral power of women

Aflé Bijoux – Créations Akan’s aim is to celebrate women. In the Akan ethnic group, women occupate a predominant position in the society which is itself matrilineal. They participate in politics and are at the center of the economy. Akan women are independant, strong and powerful.

Aflé Bijoux – Créations Akan celebrates this ancestral power of women by revisiting the codes of beauty. The brand pairs the Akan goldweights traditionally used for the confection of ormaments with exquisit material such as precious stones or sweet water pearls creating unique and timeless pieces of jewelry.