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AfléOne Adinkra Bracelets

The AfléOne Adinkra Bracelets present the traditional Adinkra symbols which are ancient pictographs that enclose the ancestral Akan knowledge. Each symbol has a powerful message which transcends cultural bounderies and resonates with everyone irrespective of their country of origin or heritage.

The Adinkra symbols can be combined to create a personal message to express your individuality. Unleash your creativity and customize your AfléOne Adinkra bracelet TODAY!

African inspired

Fine and culturally rich jewelry for every occasion.

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Sparkle Akan Studs Earrings Large


Sparkle Akan Pendant Necklace Large


Sparkle Akan Chain Bracelet


Adinkra Obaa Pa Earrings Large - Ideal woman


Adinkra Obaa Pa Necklace Large - Ideal woman


Akan Chain Earrings

The Akan chain earrings are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. The 23k gold plated Akan goldweights which symbolise leadership and charisma are paired with fine metalic chains for a trendy and unique look. Available in more than 30 colours. Discover the entire collection here.

Sustainably sourced materials

Our jewelry is made in 100% recycled gold and silver in order to reduce the CO2 emissions in the environment.

Our packaging and gift boxes are manufactured from recycled material.

Aflé Bijoux is committed to the protection of the environment as prescribed by Akan traditions.

Jeu de cauris

This lovely collection called "Jeu de cauris " (Cowrie shells game) takes you to the breezy beaches of Africa while connecting you to its spirituality. Discover the entire collection here.

As seen at New York Fashion Week 02/21

The Akan Flowers Earrings Collection was designed to celebrate Aflé Bijoux 10th anniversary. Happiness, beauty, self-confidence are the main messages of this capsule collection.

Akan Gemstones Bracelets

We love gemstones for their beauty, their colour, their meaning. Our Akan Gemstones bracelets add a splash of colours to any outfit. Designed to be worn alone or stacked up. Discover the entire collection here.

Men´s Akan Gemstones Bracelets

Discover our Men´s Gemstones bracelets collection here.

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