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Adinkra AfléOne Bangle Bracelet

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Adinkra AfléOne Bangle Bracelet

The AfléOne Bangle Bracelet is a typical, traditional African bracelet that can be found in almost all African cultures, including the Akan culture. It is made of 750/1000 gold over Sterling silver (18k). Light, it offers a very comfortable wearing.

The AfléOne Bangle Bracelet can be easily opened: push the ending ball upward to unclick it. Only one ball can be unclicked in order to secure the beads.

It is sold with 2 stoppers made of 18k gold and white facet cut AAA cubic zirconia to maintain the AfléOne beads stable on the bracelet.

The AfléOne beads are made of 750/1000 gold over Sterling silver and enamel.

Each bead represents an Adinkra symbol which has a meaning. They can be combined to create a personal message to express your feelings or your individuality. 

The AfléOne Beads are sold separately. 

Collection AfléOne

Type 18k gold over sterling silver 

Style Bangle Bracelet

Size: Small : up to 17 cm / up to 6,7"

        Large: up to 19 cm / up to 7,5"