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AfléOne Bracelet


Aflé Bijoux presents its AfléOne configurable bracelet.

The AfléOne bracelet is inspired by the Akan culture and traditions (Côte d´Ivoire/Ghana).

The bracelet itself is a typical, traditional African bracelet that can be found in almost all African cultures, including the Akan culture. It is made of 750/1000 gold over Sterling silver (18k). Light, it offers a very comfortable wearing.

The AfléOne beads are made of 750/1000 gold over Sterling silver and enamel. Each bead represents an Adinkra symbol and has a meaning. The Adinkra symbols are pictographs that represent a proverb, a wisdom that everyone irrespective of their nationality can understand and share. The Adinkra proverbs refers to love, respect, patience, commitment, wealth, feminism, protection of the environment and much more. 

The AfléOne beads are collectibles. They can be combined to create a personal message to express your feelings or your individuality. 

The AfléOne Bracelet is about culture, learning, sharing, inclusion and love. It is both for men and women.

It is designed in Germany and handcrafted in Italy.

An Application - Adinkra by Aflé Bijoux - has been developed to allow anyone interested to learn more about the Adinkra symbols. The Application lists 130 Adinkra symbols together with their corresponding proverbs and meanings.  It is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded on the App store and Google Play.